All Around Pet Care
Is it time to get your shaggy dog a haircut or trim those long neglected nails?
Does your cat’s fur need attention and care?

Whatever the case may be, All Around Pet Care is the place that any dog or cat owner can trust to bathe and groom their pet. It's a personal, clean and safe environment where your precious pet will feel at ease, and enjoy each visit that is full of pampering.
We are Professional Dog Groomers
At All Around Pet Care we are dedicated to you and your pet. We make it our number one priority to keep your pet well groomed so you both will enjoy many healthy years together.  
Dog grooming
is not an easy job. It takes. hard work, training, and dedication to become a professional. We believe it is important  to give your pet the love they deserve.
My name is Jamie, and I am the owner of All Around Pet Care.
I began my training and graduated from the Academy of Animal Arts in Largo Fl in 2000.  I opened All Around Pet Care in 2001 because Dog Grooming is my passion!
  All Around Pet Care

Meet the Dedicated Staff

This is Don, our new groomer for the last year. Absolutely is a dog freak and the biggest softy you have ever met. Loves all breeds and makes great effort in making the grooming process as enjoyable as possible for each and every dog.