Pampered Pup $20
Includes: Paw Treatment, Facial, Premium Shampoo & Conditioner and Tooth Brushing
Tooth Brushing $10
Premium Shampoo $5
Oatmeal or Medicated
Flea Shampoo $5
Paw-De-Cure $8
Paw Treatment includes:
Nails Trimmed, Filed, and Painted

De-Shed $20
Price List
Small Breed

Medium Breed

Large Breed

XLarge Breed
(over 60-lbs)
Groom & Bath




All Around Pet Care Dog Grooming in Clearwater is the place that any dog owner can trust to bathe and groom their pet. It's a personal, clean and safe environment where your precious pet will feel at ease, and enjoy each visit that is full of pampering. We have created a dog spa-like atmosphere which is friendly, affordable, and “dog-gone” fun.

We will trim your dogs nails, clean the ears and groom until he looks perfect. Flea and tick treatment and hot-oil treatments are also available to protect your pet’s skin, leaving it forever healthy. Also available are Pet Spa packages, Shed-Less treatments, various dry skin treatments, toothbrushing and dental sprays and gels. There is something for all of your pet’s needs.
We are very skilled in all aspects of grooming of all breeds,
and we take pride in the way your pet looks and feels.

Call All Around Pet Care today to schedule an appointment for your pets.  
After all, they are our best friends!

Receive a $5.00 Discount on your next grooming appointment, ask me how!

  All Around Pet Care
  All Around Pet Care