We offer all breeds of dog  grooming by certified groomers with over 15 years experience.

      * Your pet will be in a cageless,
           stress free environment.
      * We offer hand drying and scissoring
      *Average appointment is 3-4 hours
Is it time to get your shaggy dog
a haircut or trim those long neglected nails?

Whatever the case may be,  All Around Pet Care is the place where any dog owner can trust to bathe and groom their pet. It's a personal, clean and safe environment where your  precious pet will feel at ease, and enjoy each visit!
  All Around Pet Care
  All Around Pet Care
We are located at:
    1268 South Highland Avenue
    Clearwater FL
    For appointment, please call
    Jamie, 727-462-5284
    or email: jamielcohen@hotmail.com
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